Hanna and I have been slightly mesmerized by a performance art project going on in London’s Trafalgar Square, 6 July – 14 October, atop the Fourth Plinth. 2400 UK citizens have been selected randomly from a pool of 22120 applicants to spend one hour each, twenty-four hours a day, for one hundred days as living art on the empty plinth in the square outside the National Gallery. This morning when we logged on, for example, a young woman just starting her hour (early afternoon in the UK) was tossing 1,000 paper airplanes into the crowd. Yesterday at about the same time, a woman was enjoying tea under a red umbrella in the company of a small garden gnome. Up next, as I’m typing this, is a small purple puppet named Cheeky.

The project, titled “One & Other,” is the brainchild of artist Antony Gormley.

The official website of the project is live streaming video footage of the plinth twenty-four/seven and a flickr pool has been created to gather the still photographs people take and upload to the web.

Go and be captivated. Hope you all have a good midweek.