A life-long writer and autodidact, I have been blogging since 2007, when I started what was then The Future Feminist Librarian Activist on the eve of embarking upon my graduate student career in history and library science.

I am a lesbian bisexual cisgender woman of Euro-American descent who married a fellow grown homeschooler, historian, archivist with roots in Maine.

I grew up unschooled in Holland, Michigan and was based there until age 27 with short periods of time living in Oregon, Indiana, Missouri, and Aberdeen, Scotland. Since 2007 I have lived in the Boston metropolitan area. My wife and I currently live in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, in a triple-decker apartment with over one thousand books and two cats who basically run our lives.

Since 2011 I have acquired three tattoos. I’m considering a forth.

Beginning at the age of nine, I’ve worked as a bookseller, museum docent, office assistant, camp counselor, childcare provider, and research/teaching assistant in addition to library and archives gigs. My intellectual interests include countercultures, education and childhood, religion, sexuality and gender, feminism, urban history and politics, and pretty much anything that can fit under the umbrella of social justice issues.

I’m insatiably curious and have always asked many inconvenient questions.

In my spare time I like to read, bike, write porn, walk, knit, crochet, watch Orphan Black and Doctor Who, explore Boston, cuddle with my wife, write letters (sometimes on actual paper with pens!), and am thinking of learning to quilt.

These, and other things, are what you will learn about while reading my blog.


1 thought on “personal”

  1. Thank you for your review of my book, THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. I am honored and touched by your kind remarks. With all best wishes, Adrian (Brooks)


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