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The Beehive
An American Woman in Egypt, 1914-1915: Wadi Halfa to Asswan (Part Five)
An American Woman in Egypt, 1914-1915: Asswan to Abu Simbel (Part Four)
An American Woman in Egypt, 1914-1915: Aysut to Asswan (Part Three)
An American Woman in Egypt, 1914-1915: Cairo to Aysut (Part Two)
An American Woman in Egypt, 1914-1915: An Introduction (Part One)
“Most Amusing”: A Brookline Couple on Holiday in California, 1915
Marion’s Hidden Curriculum: Sexuality Education in the 1930s (Part Two)
Marion Learns About the Family: Sexuality Education in the 1930s (Part One)
“Use the Elevated!”: The Boston Elevated Railway Promotes Its Services in 1926
Oliver Lofts: Mapping the Traces of a Music Publishing Empire
Harry Adams Hersey’s Bike Ride: Creating a Digital Map from a Nineteenth-Century Travel Diary
“Imposed Planning STOPS HERE”: Fenway in the 1970s
Charlesgate Park, the Bowker Overpass, and Our Changing Urban Landscape
“Long Sleeps Last Night for Both Sophias”: A New Mother’s Diary from 1910
Anti-Suffrage Activists Gossip about Emily Balch

The Boston Summer Seminar
“Pregnancy and Personhood”: A Talk by Rebecca Kluchin at Countway Library

The Clarion Blog
Writer’s Craft #118: Why I Write Erotic Fan-Fiction

Collector of Book Boyfriends
Of Fandom & Fic: Christina Lauren & Tiffany Reitz in Anne Jamison’s Recent Anthology

The Corner of Your Eye
a no longer active review blog, co-authored with my wife Hanna; archives here.

The Family Scholars’ Blog
blog no longer extant; read my contributions at the Internet Archive

MedHum Fiction | Daily Dose
Book Review Editor, July 2015-Present
MedHum Monday Book Review: Riotous Flesh
Friday Fiction Feature: Crimson Peak
MedHum Monday Book Review: Not Gay
MedHum Monday Presents: Katrina: After the Flood
Review Conversations: The Means of Reproduction
Review Conversations: Galileo’s Middle Finger
MedHum Monday Presents: Eula Biss’ On Immunity
MedHum Monday: Reviewing Jonathan Eig’s BIRTH OF THE PILL
“Women’s Private Matters”: Reflections on Kate Manning’s My Notorious Life

First the Egg
Children’s Books from Feminist Readers: Anna

I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.
The Experience of Unschooling Let Me Remain Confident in Myself.”

In Our Words: A Queer Salon
Save the Date: An Overview of My Minimalist Wedding Plans
To Be and To Have: Reflections on Getting Gay Married
Get Right or Get Left: Review of Pray the Gay Way
We Can Give Them Words: Clearing Space for Children to Explore Gender
Holding the Space: Being Good Allies for Our Straight Co-Conspirators

Off the Record
“Who’s Missing From This Table?”: NEA Reflections on the Process of Inclusion

Perceptions of Pregnancy
The Doctor I Didn’t Expect: Lonny Myers’ Mid-Twentieth Century U.S. Sex Radicalism

The Pursuit of Harpyness
All posts as contributing author, 2011-2012.

Book Reviews

Library Journal (2013-Present)

  • Boff, Leonardo. Francis of Rome & Francis of Assisi: A New Springtime for the Church (Orbis Books, 2014). Appeared 2014-06-01.
  • Hartman, Andrew. A War for the Soul of America: A History of the Culture Wars (Univ. of Chicago Press, 2015). Appeared 2015-03-01
  • Kipnis, Laura J. Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation. Henry Holt, 2014. 2014-10-15.
  • Lotz, Amanda D. Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century (New York University Press, 2014).  Appeared 2014-04-01.
  • Moselener, Sara. Virgin Nation: Sexual Purity and American Adolescence (Oxford University Press, 2015). Forthcoming.
  • Pagowsky, Nicole and Miriam Rigby, eds. The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions and Presentations of Information Work (American Library Association, 2014). Appeared 2014-09-15.
  • Preciado, Beatriz. Pornotopia: An Essay on Playboy’s Architecture & Biopolitics (Zone Books, 2014). Appeared 2014-10-15.
  • Signorile, Michelangelo. It’s Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015). Appeared 2015-04-01.
  • Storbakken, Jason. Radical Spirituality: Repentance, Resistance, and Revolution (Orbis Books, 2014). Appeared 2014-07-01.
  • Sztokman, Elana Maryles. The War on Women in Israel: How Religious Radicalism is Smothering the Voice of a Nation (Sourcebooks, 2014). Appeared 2014-06-15.
  • Tanenbaum, Leora. I Am Not a Slut: Slut Shaming in the Age of the Internet (Harper Perennial, 2015). Appeared 2014-12-01.
  • Thomas, Lynnell L. Desire & Disaster in New Orleans: Tourism, Race, and Historical Memory (Duke University Press, 2014). Appeared 2014-08-01.
  • Yoshino, Kenji. Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial; the Story of Hollingsworth v. Perry (Crown, 2015). Forthcoming 2015-04-01.

Review of The Accidental Diarist: A History of the Day Planner in America by Molly McCarthy (University of Chicago Press, 2013) in NEHA News (Spring 2014).

Review of From the Closet to the Altar: Courts, Backlash, and the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage by Michael Klarman (Oxford University Press, 2012) in NEHA News (Spring 2013).

Review of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power by Amy Sonnie and James Tracy (Melville House, 2011) in NEHA News (Spring 2012).

“What Does It Mean to be a Christian Writer?” Review of Shouts and Whispers: Twenty-One Writers Speak about Their Writing and Their Faith by Jennifer Holberg, ed. (W.B. Eerdmans, 2006) in Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought (January 2007).


Class visit (via Skype). “U.S. Cultural History” taught by Dr. Jeanne Petit, Hope College (Holland, Mich.), 21 November 2014.

‘I Could Hardly Write One Syllable’: Gender and Sexuality in the Methodist Student Movement’s motive Magazine, 1962-1971.” Presented, Biennial Boston College Conference on Religion in History (Newton, Mass.), 29 March 2014.

Panel discussion on the archives profession (via Skype). Hosted by Dr. Diana Wakimoto, California State – East Bay (Hayward, Calif.), 8 May 2014

‘In Their Graves Because of False Modesty’?: An Allegation of Sexual Assault in Boston, 1914-1915.” Presented, New England Historical Association Spring Conference, Rivier College (Nashua, N. H.), 21 April 2012.

How Women’s Studies Mattered in My Life.” Panel Discussion, Hope College (Holland, Mich.), 6 March 2012.

“How I Set Out to Become a Librarian…and What I Found When I Got There.” Presented, Hope College (Holland, Mich.), 5 March 2012. text | slides | handout

The Oregon Extension as Experiment in Living, 1964-1980.” Presented, History Colloquium, Simmons College (Boston, Mass.), 9 May 2011.

“How to Live? The Oregon Extension as Communal Experiment in Living.” Presented, New England Historical Society Spring Conference, Salem State College (Salem, Mass.), 17 April 2010.

“Inspiring ‘Right Feelings’: Children and Childhood in Lydia Maria Child’s The Mother’s Book” Presented, New England Historical Association Spring Conference, University of Southern Maine (Portland, Me.), 18 April 2009.

“‘I Have Been More or Less Dissatisfied’: The Educational Project in the Oneida Community.” Presented, New England Historical Association Fall Conference, Endicott College (Beverly, Mass.), 25 October 2008.

“Structure and High Play: Ritual in the Second Wave.”  Group presentation, National Women’s Studies Association Conference (Milwaukee, Wisc.), 20 June 2004.

“Exploring Aradia: A Feminist Response to Research on the ‘Second Wave.’ ” Group presentation, National Women’s Studies Association Conference (New Orleans, La.), June 21, 2003.

Publications (non-reviews)

‘Propaganda Destructive to the Home and Church’: The Massachusetts Public Interests League and the Battle Against ‘Radicalism,’” Object of the Month (February 2011), Massachusetts Historical Society.

‘A Rash and Dreadful Act for a Woman’: The 1915 Woman Suffrage Parade in Boston,” Object of the Month (July 2010), Massachusetts Historical Society.

“‘I Have Been More or Less Dissatisfied’: The Educational Project in the Oneida Community.” Published, Essays & Studies vol. 56 (Spring 2009).

“The Heirs of Aradia, Daughter of Diana: Community in the Second and Third Wave,” Jane R. Dickie, Anna Cook, Rachel Gazda, Bethany Martin, and Elizabeth Sturrus, in Journal of Lesbian Studies vol. 9, no. 1/2 (2005).

“Responding to Aradia: Young Feminists Encounter the Second Wave,” Leslie Aronson, Adrienne Bailey, Anna Cook, Jane Dickie, Bethany Martin, and Elizabeth Sturrus, in Iris: A Journal for Women (issue 47, Fall/Winter 2003).

Other Projects & Professional Involvement

Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator, New England Archivists (2015-2017)

Amiable Archivists’ Salon (2014-Present)
-Founding host

Massachusetts History Day (2012-Present)
– Volunteer Judge
– Established & funds the Marilyn Ross Memorial Book Award in Women’s & Gender History (begun 2014)

New England Archivists’ LGBTQ Issues Roundtable / Queer!NEA
– Co-chair & founding member (2013-2014)
– Steering Committee member (2015-Present)

Grove of Trees” Family Documentary (2012-2013)
– Historical Consultant
– Scriptwriter


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