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Right-wing celebrity of the moment (a girl can hope, yeah?) Sara Palin appeared in Boston this past Wednesday, April 14th, for a whinge session with the Tea Party movement folks (there are even some here in Boston, who knew?) who are pissed about possibly getting better health care and all. So a group of gentle souls decided to hold a polite counter-protest in the form of an actual tea party. The kind where you dress up and have biscuits.

These tea partiers dressed to the nines (or at least the four-and-a-halves) and carried pretty signs with such slogans as

“Tea Drinkers for Civilized Discourse”

“Impoliteness does not bring peace.”

“Our tea party has cookies!”


“There is no trouble so great or grave that it cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea” (courtesy of philosopher Bernerd-Paul Heroux).

Hanna and I were unfortunately both working and unable to make the occasion (not to mention our lack of proper attire!) but a couple of folks who did make it have posted pictures on Flickr, the photo-sharing site, which are a joy to behold.

Have a lovely weekend, one and all.

*image credit: Parasol! made available by pensive.wombat @ Flickr.com.