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I’ve been getting an uptick in comments lately, and an increasing number of visits to the blog. So I thought it was time to put out the welcome mat, set out the pot of tea, and invite y’all who are lurkers and occasional commenters (yep, you!) to say “hi” and introduce me to your lovely selves.

I’ve just updated this blog (if you haven’t noticed) so that it now includes a page about me and my comment policy, such as it is. Not that I’ve been having recent issues, but I’d been dragging my feet for a while getting one together and I figured it was time.

So that’s me. Now it’s your turn! Please leave a comment — as long or short as you wish — telling me a little about yourself. Be sure to leave a link to your own blog, website, or other online presence if you keep one, and I’ll make sure to stop on by.


image credit: teatime by benefit of hindsight @ Flickr.com