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It’s been awhile since I posted something that was just about life in Boston, so here on this hot, humid Saturday — as Hanna and I watch Denmark vs. Cameron at the World Cup — I thought I’d share pictures of my new library lady spectacles. They’re my first new pair in over five years, and I feel like the world just got a little bit clearer! Hopefully, they’ll help with the headaches and eyestrain as well.

Hop over to Twitpic if you want a larger version of the photo (I’m on Hanna’s laptop at the minute and too lazy to edit the .jpg without my usual software).

Hanna says they are very 1950s and reminiscent of the ladies in Farside; perhaps this will help with my fearsome feminist library lady persona? Time will tell!

In other low-key weekend news, we happen to live about a ten minute walk from the only Good Vibrations store on the East Coast and I enjoy stopping in occasionally — mostly to window shop as most high-quality sex toys are simply beyond my modest discretionary budget. So I paid them a visit this morning on my way to the grocery store and while I was browsing a fellow customer came up after making her purchase and offered me a $10-off coupon she’d just received that she said she would never had a chance to use (I assume the was in the Boston area on holiday). I have no idea what her name was or what prompted her to pass the card along to me — but thank you mystery woman for that anonymous treat! I already have a few ideas for how to make use of the gift :).