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Lady Mary prepares to be unwise in her flirtations.

Following up last week’s live-blog of the first episode of Masterpiece Theater’s “Downton Abbey,”
Hanna and I, along with our friend Minerva, gave a repeat performance last night for the second episode (we’re halfway through the series, people! can you stand the drama?!)  You can read the whole blog post over at …fly over me, evil angel....
Obviously Spoiler Warning: Downton Abbey, Episodes One and Two. Return after you’ve seen it if you don’t want any plot points to be given away.
A few tantalizing tidbits …

9.23: [as Bates and Anna giggle] M: Kiss. Each. Other. Please, honey! Make him drop the cane! I’m sorry; I need some smexy times! A: Yeah, he needs to grab her ass… M: There’s a table right behind you!

9.24: [Harriet shows up] H: Go, Harriet! M: Oh, I like you!

9.25: [as Maggie shows up] M: Oh, Maggie — I don’t like you now! M: [as wife defends procedure] Oh, good for you! A: She [Maggie Smith] is so good at that “What? People are contradicting me?”-look.

9.26: [as procedure continues] M: Whoa — that so ain’t right! H&A: Hush!

And predictions for the second half …

Halfway through the show! Guesses all ’round…

A: So the little redhaired girl is going to go off to be a secretary.

M: Bates and whatsherface need to come to some kind of agreement. Understanding.

A: Yeah.

H: Thomas needs…a shagging or a comeuppance…

M: Thomas is going to blackmail his way out of that house.

A: He’s going to use that information to get himself leverage somewhere, somehow.

M: I do think it will backfire.

A: Yeah, he’s going to try. I don’t know what O’Brien wants…but she’s going to be there with him.

M: Her motivation, other than being spiteful, is…

A: If she was acting as if the family was under threat…but she hates everyone!

M: I think she just wants to see people ruined.

A: It’s a very malicious sort of…youngest daughter needs to find some sort of voice.

M: She’s gettin’ close. Middle daughter — all middle daughter is going to end up a little shafted in this story.

A: Which is sad. But yeah. I want to see Maggie Smith and Harriet Jones…

H: Go at it. Oh, god, yes.

M: …preferably in that little cottage parlor. Epic.

[General agreement and headnodding]

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