Bulfinch’s The Age of Fable

This week over at The Pursuit of Harpyness we had some exciting times with SQL queries (they apparently don’t mix with feminist blogging very well!), but despite some site down-time still managed to post some awesome things and provoke some good discussions.

  • On Monday, I posted a review of a new anthology of essays by women who had fallen in love with other women after a history of identifying as straight (and living heterosexual lives): Dear John, I Love Jane.
  • On Wednesday, I wrote a post about the attempts on the Religious Right to spin recent gains in LGBT civil and human rights as a loss of rights for Christians. Folks in comments shared personal anecdotes about people who had tried to argue this position. I’m eternally baffled by the way in which conservatives view the democratizing of rights as an infringement on their way of life. Newsflash: not everyone in the world is the same as you, get the fuck over it!
  • On Thursday, I indulged my ranty impulses in response to a recent op-ed column over at The Guardian in which columnist Maura Kelly dredged up the bullshit argument that women who have sex too freely will end up sad and sorry spinsters. (Watch for a Harpy Seminar on this topic next week!)

In addition, Marie Anelle wrote a great post on the negativity some feminists will express toward children and women who parent and PhDork wrote a post on the gendering of infants.