This week over at our illustrious blog of Harpyness:

  • On Monday I responded to commenter Skada’s request for “women-empowering porn” with a post on where I go, on the internet and elsewhere, looking for erotic material. Decidedly not safe for work, but would love it if you hopped on over to share your own resources and thoughts in comments.
  • Wednesday saw a book review of From Disgust to Humanity by Martha Nussbaum which I’m honored to say was included in my friend Danika’s round-up of queer reviews over at The Lesbrary.
  • And on Thursday, I threw together a link round-up / “first thoughts” post on the Department of Justice decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Haven’t had a lot of time to read up on this one, what with one thing or another, but I thought folks might like to know what Jeffrey Toobin, Dahlia Lithwick, and Nancy Polikoff have to say about the short- and long-term ramifications of the new policy.

Marie Anelle wrote a post about her personal relationship with the Tumblr blog STFU, Parents; foureleven posted her thoughts about the public ridicule that follower a television anchor’s on-air migraine symptoms; and BeckySharper offered thoughts (on behalf of all of us who blog at Harpyness) on what it means for us to identify as a “feminist” blog.