I’ve been reading more book-length nonfiction recently, in lieu of online fanfic … so after this installment of “ficnotes” I might let the series lay dormant for a while, until something truly spectacularly gorgeous and mind-blowing comes along. Or until the urge to blog about smut rises again (it often does, quite unpredictably!) … in the meantime, here’s this little beauty which Minerva shared via email a couple of weeks ago, on a morning when I really needed some fluff!

Mycroft Holmes via Fuck Yeah Mycroft Holmes!
(Tumblr can be a wonderful thing)

Title: Shock and Awe
Author: random_nexus
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Author Rating: NC-17
Author Summary: “Oddball style, Manly shmexins, Romance betwen blokes, the usual. Lestrade is falling for Mycroft, but doesn’t think it’s mutual. Hijinx ensue (also the usual).”
Length: 1 part, 1040 words
Available At: LiveJournal.

This is a quiet little fic that takes place in three brief acts: “Before,” “After,” and “Now.” What I like best about it is the author’s focus on the moments of touch, and the details one takes note of in a love — the interior language with which one describes the object of one’s affection. I’m working on a fic myself right now that involves those everyday intimacies shared between people who know they have license to touch — and some of the passages in these three scenes capture that sense of beingness.