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So they have the widgets up this week, but I’m not sure I’m all that thrilled with them. The color scheme is unimpressive. Still. Here ya go. As of this morning I have 13,880 words written toward the official goal of 50,000 and my personal goal of 25,000.

I like the screenshot a bit better. Perhaps I’m just vain?

This past weekend, I wrote a 3,300 word “plot? what plot?” bit of fan fiction at the request of a friend of mine, which accounts for a fairly large chunk of the total gain made. I’ll probably edit it tomorrow evening and post it to AO3 if anyone is feeling deprived of Sybil/Gwen smut and wants something to look forward to for mid-week. It’s about as plot-what-plot as I think I’ll ever be capable of writing. Let’s just say it involved doing some Google searching for the date upon which the zeppelin raids began on London (to ensure that leisurely morning sexytimes wasn’t historically inaccurate) and to verify the name an inception date for Sylvia Pankhurst’s East London Federation of Suffragists (yes, the acronym really was ELFS).

Happy writing everyone!