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I’ve put off writing a recap of National Novel-Writing Month because, sadly, a brutal migraine caught up with me over the Thanksgiving weekend and put the kibosh on meeting my (until then quite reasonable) personal goal of 25,000 words for the month. Still, I clocked in at just over 20K.

But meanwhile, thanks to participation in NaNo, I made writing erotica a top priority in November and completed a ~13,000 installment of my ongoing How She Loved You series featuring Sybil and Gwen from Downton Abbey. I finally had a chance to take Hanna’s beta suggestions into account and code the piece for AO3 this past weekend.

So if fic be your thing, head on over and check it out:

Like Sorrow Or a Tune
by ElizaJane
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Pairing: Sybil/Gwen
Summary: Six scenes that trace the contours of Sybil and Gwen’s relationship from the first morning after to the night of their reunion in London, in the flat where they will make their home. This is the inevitable “five times” fic. Five times Sybil and Gwen parted before dawn and one time they didn’t have to.

Now I should head back to reading Gayle S. Rubin’s 1980s essays on the porn wars, which I have to say are an incentive like few other things to get into the business of writing and reading smut. Because really, people, really. Politics of disgust like crazy and that’s just not cool. Life is short. Write good porn.