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Tom Branson (Downton Abbey)

I have a new Downton Abbey fic up at AO3 featuring Tom Branson and an original character I made up so Tom would have a boyfriend. Hanna said if I was going to steal Sybil away from Tom and give her to Gwen, I had to write him a sweet boyfriend to fill the gap. So I have. At least, I wrote him a boyfriend. The “sweet” part is more a matter of personal opinion.

So if Sybil/Tom is not your OTP and you’re looking for some Downton Abbey m/m that doesn’t involve the creepy Thomas Barrow (though, okay, I admit I’m kinda hoping Doctor Clarkson sorts him out), have fun!

Title: Snogging on the VergePairing: Tom Branson/Thaddeus Miles
Rating: Teen (AO3)/PG-13
Word Count: 7,494
Summary: When a young American on a walking tour of Yorkshire twists his knee on the grounds of Downton Abbey, Tom Branson finds himself experiencing certain desires he knows are dangerous for a young man in his position.

It’s part one of a three-part (thus far) story arc I’m calling “Just a Little Love Song.” And it more or less fits into the ‘verse I’ve created for Sybil and Gwen in How She Loved You.