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Blackthorn Fairy*

Here’s what I’ve been “writing elsewhere” since the 5th of February. Yep. It’s really been that long!

At the corner of your eye:

  • I wrote a joint review of In Search of Gay America (1989) and Art and Sex in Greenwich Village (2007).
  • I reviewed Seanan McGuire’s new Discount Armageddon (2012). 
  • I shared a list of books read, not yet reviewed (sensing a theme at all?).
  • I posted the second episode of Ivor the Engine (1958), a children’s television show from England. Oliver Postgate wins the things.
  • I reviewed six books at once in a pre-vacation round-up on subjects ranging from last year’s best sex writing to the nature of identity in the twenty-first century.
  • I shared a list of ten books purchased but not yet read (randomly chosen from the many titles on our shelves!).
  • I reviewed The Hound of Conscience (1981), a history of English conscientious objectors of the First World War.
  • Also Bachelors and Bunnies (2011), a history of gender relations as articulated in the pages of Playboy through the 1970s.
At The Pursuit of Harpyness (excluding cross-posts):

Hope y’all are enjoying a long and fruitful spring. Can’t believe we’re heading back into baseball season already here in Boston … that time of year when you have to calculate the options for your commute home based on the relative number of Red Sox fans crawling around the neighborhood!

*Before you ask, yes. I was completely besotted with Cicely Mary Barker’s flower fairies as a wee one. In my defenseI think I assumed they all behaved a bit like Tiki from The Fairy Rebel.