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Hanna and I spent the weekend in Maine at her parents’ house, which was a blessed break from the heat of an urban summer and also a two-day stretch of time away from the Internet. Since we were spending time with family, I didn’t get any writing done — so I don’t have the review of Love the Sin for you which I hoped to post today.

Instead, I’m going to give a signal boost to my brother Brian’s wacky month-long art project “Haunted Legs”:

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Each day will bring a new frame in the … story? web comic? we’ll see as it unfolds! Here is yesterday’s installment:

Ever since I saw the early sketches for this project, I’ve been thinking of the Dr. Seuss story about the pale green pants with nobody inside them; it was one of our favorite stories to read a Grandma’s house growing up — and I bet the resemblance is more than pure coincidence! Click here to check out the page and follow along. Happy reading!