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I’ve shared this on Twitter and Tumblr, but figured I might catch some folks here as well, so what the hell. This call for participants came across my dash via the H-Net: HistSex listserv. I took the survey last week and it does take a good 45 minutes if you want to be thoughtful about it an include commentary. I was frustrated with some of the multiple-choice options and the framing of some of the questions, but I also hope that the researchers will be able to get some useful information out of the data they collect — so if you’re a library and/or archives professional and interested in the question of sexuality in the archives, I encourage you to help ’em out!

Here is their call for participants in full:

In an attempt to understand librarian and library staff attitudes towards collecting sexual materials for libraries, librarians Scott Vieira and Michelle Martinez, assistant professors at Sam Houston State University, are asking for survey participants and offering the chance to win one of four available $25 gift certificates to Amazon.com.
 All librarians and library staff from any type of library are encouraged to participate.
 The survey, “Collecting Sex Materials for Libraries: An Opinion Survey,”
takes anywhere from between 25-40 minutes depending on reading speed, and consists of 49 questions. We’re looking for opinions on how librarians and library staff members feel about things such as 50 Shades of Gray, Hustler, gay erotica, and other items that are often considered contentious.
 Participants’ privacy will be kept and personal information is not required unless the participant wants to register for the drawing. Any personal information will be deleted once the drawing has been held within one week at the closing of the survey. Participants will be emailed the gift certificate.
 Participation in the survey is strictly voluntary. Participants can exit the survey at any time without penalty.
 By consenting to participate through accessing and submitting the survey, you authorize the use of your data to be compiled for possible articles, without any personally identifying information as may have been submitted for the prize drawing.
 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NZT9P79 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Scott Vieira at
936-294-3743 or svieira@shsu.edu<mailto:svieira@shsu.edu> or Michelle Martinez at 936-294-1629 or mmartinez@shsu.edu<mailto:mmartinez@shsu.edu>.
 Or by mail: Attn: Scott Vieira or Michelle Martinez, SHSU Box 2179, Huntsville, TX 77341
 Scott Vieira
Assistant Professor &
Electronic Resources Librarian

Have fun!