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Hanna’s in California this weekend, attending a bridal shower and enjoying a few days with our friends Diana and Collin. I’m in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, kitten-sitting for a friend who inadvertently adopted a wee kitten she found in the engine well of her car about six weeks ago (!).

The kitten’s name is Houdini because he is good at hiding and at getting out of enclosed spaces. He was deeply uncertain of me for the first twenty-four hours, but he is now willing to share the same couch and even sat on my lap for a few minutes, purring madly.

He’s the loudest, most automatic purr-er I have ever seen. If you so much as look at him, he starts up like a little motor launch.

Hanna will be joining me on Tuesday, when she returns from the west coast, and we’re going to enjoy a few days’ midsummer getaway before heading back to Boston (although I’ll also be experiencing the commuter life when I go into work Monday, Tuesday and Friday — whee!

This morning I walked the length of Blackstone Boulevard from Pawtucket into Providence. Lots of really well-maintained early 20th-century homes en route for my architectural-history gene to geek out about.

In Providence, I made my way to the local independent grocers for a few supplies (you always forget something!). Though less proliferate than in Boston, there are really great food options here, including wildflour cafe where I got my morning’s delicious coffee and a rosemary-onion savory scone, and three sisters where I went last night for kulfi ice cream (YUM).

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t gone on Craigslist last night to check out the rental market in Pawtucket. Though Hanna and I have enough friends who do the to-Boston-from-Elsewhere commute to know we won’t be moving Elsewhere anytime soon.

Back to reading the draft of my friend Molly’s parenting-while-feminist book project while the cat purrs at me from a suspicious distance!