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We almost have enough bookshelves…

We’re still unpacking here in J.P. but the living room is taking approximate shape. And I think my biggest observation from this first week in a new location in the same city is how much one’s understanding of a big city like Boston is filtered through the situational perspective of daily activity. I mean, “duh.” But we’ve shifted three miles south of our old home in Allston and suddenly our daily routine moves from one set of neighborhoods and local businesses to another.

Eventually, the living room will have an office space!

My initial impression is, weirdly enough, that Boston feels a lot more like a big city living in J.P. than it did living in Allston, on the edge of Brookline. Living in Allston, most of our daily routine happened in The Fenway/Longwood/Brookline neighborhoods, and Brookline definitely feels like a self-contained village enveloped by the greater metropolitan area of Boston. Jamaica Plain, too, feels like a very distinct neighborhood — but within the city of Boston. It feels very conscious of its status as part of Boston, and I feel woven into the fabric of big city life in new ways. No longer does my evening commute cut passed Fenway Park and up Beacon Street through Coolidge Corner … now I cycle by Symphony Hall through Roxbury to Jackson Square along the reclaimed Southwest Corridor Park.

“Kitty TV” has a new view…

Here are some of our discoveries from week one:

  • Ghazal makes (and delivers!) tasty Indian fare
  • The Southwest Corridor Park offers me a safer, more peaceful bicycle commute
  • Koo Koo Cafe is not a new discovery, but is now on our walk to work!
  • As is Green T Coffee, on those days when our path through
  • Olmstead Park is too meandering a route to Countway
  • The local fabric and yarn shop, JP Knit ‘n Stitch, where we picked up fabric to recover our ageing IKEA chairs
My selection…

… and Hanna’s

In the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to checking out:

Hope all of you are well! Those of you whom I owe emails, I haven’t forgotten! The moving exacerbated my tendinitis and exhausted us generally … last night I was mostly asleep by 7 o’clock. Little old lady hours. But I haven’t forgotten you!