On Wednesday, I saw on Twitter that the #teamharpy defendants, nina de jesus and Lisa Rabey, have published apologies and retractions for their accusations against Joe Murphy.

Today, Lisa Rabey confirmed that these statements were part of an out-of-court settlement that has ended the lawsuit.

Last September, I wrote a blog post in support of #teamharpy. In that post, I argued:

The charges of sexual harassment aside, Joe Murphy has subsequently demonstrated that he is a man who is willing to bring a lawsuit against two professionally-vulnerable women with limited financial resources who spoke up about behavior they (and many others) see as a systemic social problem.

I re-read this post in light of de jesus and Rabey’s retractions and I stand by my position (made formal by co-signing this open letter) that the situation was not one that should have resulted in an international lawsuit. I am glad that lawsuit is at an end.

I hope that all involved can now move on toward a better chapter in their lives, both personally and professionally. I wish them healing and peace.

I also hope we, as a professional community, can take steps to improve our handling of harassment so as to minimize the dependence on unreliable whisper networks for safety and reduce the chance that people will feel it necessary to sue — or look over their shoulders in fear of being sued.

We are collectively responsible for taking constructive next steps and looking toward a more just and inclusive future.