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Today, I put the finishing touches on my quilted moomintroll hanging, started in August under the tutelage of Kate Herron Gendreau in a slow sewing class at JP Knit & Stitch. The pattern is a modified version of Carolyn Friedlander’s circles.


I really like the way the quilting stitches, with their combination of straight seam lines and free-hand curves came out, as well as the buttons that I purchased at Gather Here. I bought them on a whim longer after starting the project, but they turned out to be a great compliment to the colors and textures in the overall piece.


I added the moomintrolls and, at Hanna’s request, a wee bumblebee.


And in the lower left-hand corner, below the moomin-inspired flowers, a tongue-in-cheek “handmade by…” label.


It’s been lots of fun to have a non-textual project to work on during evenings and weekends — on to the next one! Stay tuned for more #GratuitousQuiltingUpdates.