A year ago, I decided to take a year-long hiatus from blogging. And I … haven’t missed it. Which honestly kind of surprised me, since I’ve been a compulsive writer, diarist, correspondent in one form of another since I was six years old.

But in 2016 I … stopped. And I haven’t missed it.

And I’m learning to be okay with that.


As I look out toward the landscape of 2017, a landscape of uncertainty for us in so many ways, I know that I want to stay connected to my network of family and friends. And I know that right now in my life, words about my own experiences and thoughts have come more sparingly than they used to. During this past year I’ve found even personal correspondence difficult to craft.

So, inspired by a few friends who have done the same, I am going to experiment with TinyLetter and commit to writing a monthly newsletter about what’s happening in our lives here in Boston over the course of the year ahead.

I’ll be sending newsletters out around the 15th of each month, with reflections on what our family has been doing at work and at play, politically and personally. There will probably be talk of books, history, cats, quilting, and my latest foray into local community: the Unitarian Universalist church.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please sign up to receive these monthly missives in your Inbox below.

I am thankful for your presence in our lives.

the feminist librarian: a newsletter