awefund_organizersmatchRemember when I asked folks who would have donated to a birthday fundraiser to hold onto their wallets? Well today is the day! One week ago, on April 15th, the Archival Workers Emegency Fund opened for applications and today the AWEfund organizers have pooled our pledged donations to offer a $5,000 one day match challenge. Today, Wednesday, April 22nd, every dollar you donate will be doubled in its power.

If circumstances allow you to donate $5, $15, $25, or more please consider donating. We want to get cash in the hands of as many of our struggling colleagues as we can, as quickly as possible, and every dollar given will pass directly through our hands into the accounts of those in need. If you aren’t in a position to donate at this time (and I know many people are not, no judgement, please apply to the fund if you qualify!) signal boosting also helps us get the word out.

In gratitude. Stay safe. Ever onward, together.


Donate to the AWEfund now.
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