Hanna and I met with my oncologist today to discuss the results of my first four rounds of chemotherapy. We received very good news! The chemotherapy is doing its job: The two largest cancerous areas on my liver that they are watching have both shrunk by 50-60% and many of the smaller troubling areas have disappeared entirely. 

While I am still very much in the midst of active treatment, this indicates that the chemotherapy regimen I am on is working effectively. The next step will be to do another four rounds of treatment and repeat the scans to see what further changes result. Further down the road, the treatment plan may change as (hopefully) the cancerous areas become more isolated and easily targeted. 

Chemotherapy is not what I’d call a fun way to spend my time, but my body is mostly tolerating the cycles without super disruptive side effects. I’m grateful to everyone in our lives who’ve come together to support us and make it possible for me to accommodate treatment — and the ups and downs that come with it — while also participating in other life activities like work and crafting and being out in the wider world (tentatively; still masked …). 

Thank you, thank you.

In a couple of other medical-adjacent updates, Hanna’s recovery from her own surgery continues smoothly and she has returned to work as of June 1st. Christopher has also seen an improvement in his health following a dental appointment at which he had eighteen (!!) teeth removed. As his mouth heals he seems much more comfortable and is even exploring the possibilities of human laps. Our household is on the collective mend.

Image of Christopher sleeping on my lap with one eye cracked open.