I’m gonna let Hanna make this announcement in her own way.

Please think of her around 1:00pm this afternoon, when she will be presenting her thesis, Tiocfaidh ár lá!: Irish Republican Nationalism from Bobby Sands to the United Irishman, 1981-1899, at the History Colloquium as the final requirement of the dual-degree program.

You’ve done amazing work, love. Yes, there were a couple of moments when I thought you might possibly drive me to wailing and gnashing of teeth in exasperation — possibly a fleeting thought around 4pm on Monday afternoon about the pleasures of bloodying my forehead against the doorjamb — but mostly it seemed important just to step out of your way and let you get on with what you had to say.

I stand in awe at the depth and breadth of your knowledge and I’m looking forward, in full faith and anticipation, to whatever projects you choose to take on next.