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As this post goes up, I’ll be in the air somewhere between Boston’s Logan Airport and PDX. I’m headed out to the West Coast on a two-week research visit to the Oregon Extension, the off-campus study program that is the focus of my history thesis. I’ll be hunkered down with old curriculum notes from the 1970s and recording oral history interviews with the faculty who founded the program back in 1975 as well as several former students from the early years who work at the OE or live in the area. I am also lucky enough to be able to visit my brother and his girlfriend Renee, currently living in Portland, and my maternal grandparents who live in Bend. Since I’d like to take these two weeks to focus on my thesis research, I will be posting minimally or not at all (possibly some photos) until I return to Boston.

Please think warm thoughts toward Hanna, who is generously shouldering the burden of a solitary existance (hanna rightly points out that being alone is not a burden unless you’re actually lonely) taking responsibility for our household in Boston until I return. If you’re interested in keeping abreast of life in Boston, wander over to her blog at …fly over me, evil angel…