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So Hanna and I — like lots of couples, I imagine — don’t (yet) have any sort of definitive anniversary date on which to celebrate the miraculous grace of being together. Depending on which version of the story gets told (aren’t there always competing narratives?) we’ve been together anywhere from one to three years, give or take.

The awesome thing about this, Hanna informs me, is that it means we get to pick at least two dates on which to take special note of this thing we have going together. And — according to my version of the story at least! — today is one of them. So hooray! Let’s celebrate!

Thing is, neither of us is all that good a celebrating milestones like this, so rather than do anything super-duper splashy I thought I’d make a list. I’m good at lists! Hanna is also good at lists. We enjoy making lists together, in fact. So here’s my list for today, which is a list of all the beautiful, funny, wicked, delicious, true things in the world I would not know about (or know far less about) if Hanna hadn’t walked into my life.

Allston, Mass., which we now call home.
Boston Common Coffee Co., the first place we ever had coffee together (we talked for six hours — I really ought to have known then).
Catherine Tate, aka Donna Noble.
Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin).
Walking on the Charles River Esplanade (much more fun with two).
FIFA World Cup Football (and why the UK England lost even though it was a tie).
The importance of having green things in one’s home.
Holding hands (way more intoxicating than I could have imagined).
Ice cream that comes in monthly flavors!
Joe Hill.
Kisses (also Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).
Let the Right One In.
Metta meditation.
The Ninth Doctor.
The Ood.
The Peabody-Essex Museum.
Quotations (and Quality snark) for every occasion.
Irish republican nationalism.
The Super 88, where we had dinner the night I decided to move in.
Terry Eagleton who introduced us to the ever-useful term “Ditchkins.”
Underwater Light (best Harry Potter fanfic ever, sadly no longer available on the internets).
Vampires who do not sparkle
Waving not drowning.
Always vote X saxon if you know what’s best for you.
Yoga practice.
Zombies (along with Christopher Eccleston, who might be scarier than zombies).

Thank you, love, for all of this. And let’s keep making lists together for years to come.

image credit: lesbian romance by made underground @ Flickr.com