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Hanna and I spent Thanksgiving vacation at home this year, in Boston. We didn’t travel and for the most part we didn’t plan to do a lot of stuff. Between last Tuesday afternoon and Sunday night we just … spent time together. And it was good. It’s the first vacation of that kind I’ve had, really, since moving to Boston. At least for that duration. It can be hard, sometimes, to purposefully do “nothing” … nothing that counts as productivity, that is. Of course we did stuff. And even in those moments when we weren’t baking, reading, cleaning, talking, watching movies, surfing the ‘net for pretty pictures … even in those moments of true idleness, we were doing something: we were being. Together. And it was good.

Hope y’all had a good vacation as well; I’m sure I’ll get my hand back into blogging soon enough.

UPDATE: For more photographs from our long weekend, see Hanna’s most recent post at …fly over me, evil angel ….