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Entering my 30th year, I have a lot of things to be grateful to the universe for — and a lot of things to look forward to. I’ll probably have more to say about my desires for the future throughout the year, but for now I just wanted acknowledge how grateful I am to have Hanna to look forward with. I honestly expected to be reaching this period in my life single. Living on my own is a way of life that I’ve often enjoyed and never look on as a lesser way of moving through the world. Yet I am, at heart, a relational being who thrives best in intimate company. I was content alone, but at the same time aware that on some level I was existentially lonely.

Then Hanna walked into my life. And I found I wasn’t lonely any longer. Where she is feels like home, and with her I am at peace.

this arrived for me at work yesterday, from Hanna
by xkcd

So it seems appropriate to round out this week of birthday photos by celebrating that she is in the world and that she stands ready and willing to share her life with me.

wee Hanna
(this is still her super-happy smile of pure delight)
Mom and wee Anna
(I now have more teeth and not all smiling involves closing my eyes)

A huge big thank you to everyone who made yesterday a delight, and for all of you who make the future potentially so full of love and kindness.