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1) In my mind’s eye, my home town is seen from the perspective of someone about three feet tall — even though I lived here for 27 years. So when I come back to visit now, the houses all seem wee and the distances so much shorter!

2) The talk I had yesterday on library science was attended about half and half by students interested in librarianship and former professors of mine who want to see what I’m up to. It’s a little fish-in-a-fishbowl feeling, but at least they all kept saying I looked happy and well! It’s humbling to have so many folks proud of me in one room.

3) It stays darker so much longer in the mornings here in Michigan than it does in Boston (damn curvature of the earth!) … I’m typing this at quarter to seven and there’s still only the barest hint of light in the sky.

4) No matter how long the visit, and how little you plan to do by way of social commitments, the time always feels too short and too crowded. Visiting like this is simply not an adequate substitute for living in proximity. I really wish someone would get on developing portkey or TARDIS technology.

5) lemonjello’s has invented a new latte with honey and vanilla which is awesome. And their honey bran muffins are still delicious.

More soon!