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Today’s my thirty-second birthday, in the event you didn’t already know that via all the over-helpful social media reminders!

Hanna bought me this lovely ceramic indoor water fountain as a present.

Ever since I was a small girlchild I have loved the sound of running water and used to fantasize about living in a house with a river running through its center. Short of that, I wanted to live in a cottage by the sea, on a river, or by the lake, where the sound of waves and rapids could be heard through the open windows.

Neither of these things is practical right now, but the fountain is a lovely “plan B.”

(photos by Hanna)

Making room for the fountain, despite its modest size, precipitated a major reorganization of the living room – a way of making the apartment few new and springy even though we’ve lived here nearly five years (and Hanna even longer).

We moved the couch from the inside wall out to a spot beneath our bay windows (the element that really “makes” our living room as a space). This shift necessitated consolidation of some bookshelves into a book wall … bonus points if you spot the TARDIS shrine!

We’re enjoying natural light that now falls on the couch, making for good reading into the evening without having to turn lights on.

The cats continue to be unimpressed by us, though we have clearly been setting a poor example in the lewd cuddling department…

Or a good example, depending on which way you think the bread is best buttered.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, folks — spring is slowly arriving!