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As this post goes live, Hanna and I are on our way to Northampton, Mass. to enjoy lunch at the Lhasa Cafe and a wander with friends in celebration of our second wedding anniversary.


I spent some of yesterday hanging art on our walls (finally!) including the framed tattoo concept drawings my father did for our wedding tattoos, and my sister-in-law Renee’s two landscapes — one painted in honor of her marriage to my brother (9/9) and one in honor of our marriage (9/14). We’ve hung them in a triptych on the bedroom wall (pictured above); they face this housewarming gift from my parents, who obviously know their daughter and daughter-in-law well:


In the living room, we hung these three happy wedding photos — our friends Diana & Collin, friends Lyn & Larry, and then one of us on our wedding day:


And in the hallway another trio (I hadn’t realized,but I guess I like to arrange things in threes!):



Hope y’all are having a restful weekend! We and the cats certainly are.