Spring is creeping up on us here in Boston. This weekend I noticed green shoots from the bulbs in the backyard poking up from beneath last autumn’s leaf mulch. Here’s a brief round-up of what the Clutterbuck-Cooks are up to.

100_4596I bought us a wagon! Our trust granny grocery cart, which was in attendance at our wedding, had lost all tread on its wheels last season and the local bicycle shop staff shook their heads sadly when asked whether replacement wheels could be obtained. So we’ve upgraded to a Radio Flyer all-terrain cargo wagon! Teazle helped me put it together last night.

100_4591We’re taking a quilting class at JP Knit & Stitch (thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas gift!). We had our second of three weeks’ classes today and came home with the quilt “sandwiches” of top, batting, and backing, all pinned together with basting pins in preparation for next week’s quilting. Hanna’s is at the top, mine is below.


100_4592Our teacher, Kate Herron, is a fellow Michigander and history nerd who consults with local historical societies on integrating craft events into their public programming — for example, a knitbombing workshop with kids!

100_4595And finally, today we attended the new gardener’s orientation at the Day St / Roundhill St. Community Garden just around the corner! We’ve secured a good-size plot to tend together and will be ordering seeds this week for veggies, herbs, and some bee-friendly plants. On the list: larkspur, catnip, chamomile, cosmos, dill, rose basil, English peas, heirloom tomatoes, leeks, and fennel. I’m sure pictures will be forthcoming once we’ve had a bit of a cleanup of our plot and begun the work of planting!

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to Michigan faces over the next few weeks as friends fly out for visits and conferencing.

Enjoy the spring!