Update: 15 April 2015 15:27:05. The Organization of Transformative Works has just posted an update on the Ebooks Tree situation:

Upon further investigation, it became clear that Ebooks Tree is not hosting MOBI files of AO3 works, but linking directly to the versions hosted on the AO3 servers, and we do not currently believe they are hosting PDF files, either. The AO3 team has taken action to prevent anyone from downloading works if they were following the links provided by Ebooks Tree.

I’d say my advice below stands regarding use of the Ebooks Tree website: Why use their database if you can get a complete series of fanworks in multiple file types directly from AO3 … for free and without creating a user account?


Original Post 13 April 2015 19:34:14. It came to my attention this afternoon that the website Ebooks Tree (about which there is no “about” page) has been scraping content from Archive of Our Own and posting it in ebook format without the permission of the AO3 authors or the Organization of Transformative Works.

Five of my fanworks have apparently been scraped and added to the Ebooks Tree database. This was done without my knowledge or permission. I will probably end up writing the site and requesting a takedown of my works. [Update: I have sent the first request as of 8:32pm 4/13/15.] In the meantime, I’d like to point out that Ebooks Tree requires you to create a user account in order to access the works they scraped from my AO3 page … but my fanfiction on AO3 is freely accessible to anyone who wishes to read it, whether or not they have an account with AO3.

So, you know, rather than using a shadowy content provider that’s acquiring shit without asking first and then requiring people to create accounts with them to access it, consider visiting the beautiful AO3 interface and reading or downloading my (and others’!) work in a variety of electronic formats: PDF, MOBI, EPUB, HTML.

For ease of access, here are the works that Ebooks Tree has lifted for their content database:

After the Dance
Eureka, Jack/Nathan, Teen

Snogging On the Verge
Downton Abbey, Branson/OMC, Teen

Stolen Moments
Downton Abbey, Sybil/Gwen, Explicit

Sunrise at the Canadian Shack
Eureka, Jack/Nathan, Teen

Under the Harvest Moon
Eureka, Jack/Nathan, Mature

Also, I gotta say … if you’re gonna steal works — dude, at least do some quality checking! All of these pieces are part of larger series, and the harvester ‘bot totally missed some of my more delicious works. So honestly? They should hire better robots.