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I’m not gonna even pretend Hanna and I are fully back in Boston headspace, although we arrived back home mid-afternoon on Saturday. It’s been a pretty intense ten days (two weeks if you count from the day my grandmother had her initial stroke).
So instead of any substantive post, here are a few Michigan-related things for you. Starting with the Detroit symphony orchestra’s flash mob performance of “Ode to Joy” at a suburban IKEA. (via)
You may have heard NPR’s coverage of the event on March 9th.
On a related note, the city of Detroit is offering free houses to writers looking for a place to live and be creative. I admit that part of me wishes that librarianship & archival science were slightly more mobile professions, since it would be really exciting to be part of a rejuvenation project like that — and the urban core of Detroit has some amazing, historic spaces.
Within driving distance of Brewed Awakenings, this trip’s coffee shop find.
And half a day’s drive from Gaia Cafe in Grand Rapids, the visual-sensory display in my head whenever anyone uses the word “granola” as a cultural descriptor.
Plus, soon enough Hanna and I would actually be married-married there. Instead of Massachusetts-and-federally-married there.
In fact, Hanna and I heard the news about Judge Friedman’s ruling overturning the Michigan ban on marriage equality while we were driving through New York (oh, the endless endless miles of I-90) on Friday. Huzzah!
I read the DeBoer v. Snyder decision yesterday afternoon. Some of my livetweets:

Judge Friedman also turned up the snark to full volume by pointing out, in a quote too long to excerpt on Twitter, that:

Taking the state defendants’ position to its logical conclusion, the empirical evidence at hand should require that only rich, educated, suburban-dwelling, married Asians may marry, to the exclusion of all other heterosexual couples. Obviously the state has not adopted this policy and with good reason. The absurdity of such a requirement is self-evident. Optimal academic outcomes for children cannot logically dictate which groups may marry.

As of this writing, Michigan marriage licenses for same-sex couples are on hold until further review, but it’s worth noting that Friedman himself didn’t issue the stay — I think it’s pretty clear he’s had enough of these anti-gay shenanigans.

And finally, for anyone who missed it on Twitter and Facebook, my father wrote a lovely obituary for my grandmother (his mom) which appeared in the local paper this past Wednesday.